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When it comes to fixing custom window gates or NYC fire escape window gate, many companies in NYC do not have the experience. Regardless, when you call us, we have a team of fire escape gate NYC repair install and service members that will get your NY home or business back on track. This means we go beyond the usual 24/7 locksmith services near you. Fast arrival when you call us.

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What is a Fire escape gate/window gate?

Fire escape gates are usually created for easy way out from the building in case of any emergency most probably when fire broke out into the building because of any reason. This fire escape window gates NYC helps you to save your business premises and accessories like business files and other essentials. These gates basically work as your guards to give you a support in case of trouble and fire. These days, multiple types of fire escape gates and window gate NYC are designed according to the house texture, building shape and area.

Window Gates Types

Locked wrought iron bars are one option as long as they are attached to a hinge and are not padlocked shut. In virtually every community, it is illegal to use a combination or keyed lock for a window gate NYC or fire escape gate simply because you may not remember the combination or be able to find a key should a fire occur.

The most common fire escape window gates NYC you’ll find on fire escapes today is called a PAG. This is a four-piece retractable gate that, when extended, has a diamond mesh with a crisscross shape that has spacing of 1 inch or less between the diamond points. It slides open and shut on a metal track.

You can also opt for a new way to protect yourself: security tape, wireless alarms, and motion detectors that activate when a window is opened or fire escape is accessed without authorization. These alarms are connected to a hotline which then alerts local law enforcement to the unauthorized access.

What Is The NYC Law About Fire Escapes, Windows & Gates?

It’s not illegal to stand or sit on your fire escape, hence their popularity as a social space during summer parties. Do be advised that partying on your fire escape is highly discouraged by the FDNY and other authorities, as accidents can happen.

If you live in a building with three or more units and a child ten years old or younger lives with you, your landlord is required to install child safety window gate NYC to keep little ones from falling, even on the ground floor. Window guards are difficult to remove when installed correctly, therefore, they can’t be placed in the fire escape window gates NYC. It’s even against the law to put anything in front of a fire escape window, so it’s a sure bet that untold numbers of the city’s residents are guilty of at least one crime. If your escape window is in the kitchen, be sure not to put your refrigerator in front of it.

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Getting the NYC fire escape window gate repair install and service you need is easy with Cypress Ave Locksmith. When you call us for our services, you will speak to one of our friendly staff. As a locally owned New York business, we are happy to offer affordable prices for a 24/7 locksmith services near you. Fast arrival is one of the benefits of our NY business, and we look forward to hearing from you. You won’t have to worry anything about us because we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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Gates and bars can be a useful tool to help keep your home or business in NYC, safe and secure. At Cypress Ave Locksmith, we offer fire escape gate NYC and bars installation on all the features you need, including window bars, child guards and fire egress gates. Our gates and bars install services are available for home and businesses at the most affordable rates. We guarantee your satisfaction with the bars and gates you choose.


The answer to this question is no. This is particularly true if the tenant receives section 209 payments, supplemental security income, disability rent increase exemption, senior citizen rent increase exemption, have section 8 certifications, or receive public assistance. 

However, they have to submit an itemized bill, printed on the property owner’s stationary, to the Human Resources Administration.

On the other hand, if you don’t have those things, then you will be required to pay out of pocket for the installation of window guards. 

Each year, property owners have to send or deliver to each tenant or occupant a DOH-approved form that notifies tenants of the window guard requirement. Then the tenant must complete the form and return it to the owner indicating whether or not children ten years old or younger live in the apartment, or if the tenant wants window guards for any reason.

The installation of the window guards has to conform to the specifications of DOH or the owner will be in violation and ordered to replace or fix them. Only DOH-approved guards, properly installed, qualify for the temporary surcharges. DOH will supply owners with a list of approved manufacturers of window guards and specifications, upon request. 

The health code amendment requires landlords to install window guards in any apartment they own where a child 10 years old or younger lives. It also requires landlords to install the guards in any windows in public areas, such as hallways and lobbies, in their buildings.

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