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By definition, a Marshal Eviction Service is a legal action done to allow a tenant move out from his or her rented space. Only a city sheriff or a marshal can execute the eviction. Aside from that, the personal belongings of the tenant will be transported and stored to a private warehouse.

You always have to remember that you are not allowed to evict your tenant. It is illegal for you to evict a tenant without proper process. That's why if you are planning to evict a tenant, you need to file a petition for removal in a Civil Court. Once the eviction is served the tenant will generally have fourteen days to vacate the premises. This does not include the day of service, but does include weekends or holidays. Evictions can only be scheduled on business day.

Only a marshal can legally evict the tenant. That's why it's always vital to hire a professional marshal eviction service, such as Cypress Ave Locksmith for these types of situations.

What Happens During a Sheriff or Marshall Eviction?

As we have mentioned above, you must first file a petition for removal before getting a Warrant of Eviction for the tenant. Once the warrant has been issued, the marshal or city sheriff must personally serve a Notice of Eviction to the tenant.

If the tenant is not around, the marshal can post the Notice outside the door or under it, so it can be easily seen. At the same time, the officer must mail a copy of the Notice of Eviction to the tenant by a mailing agency accredited by the court.

The marshal can already move to eviction six (6) days after the mailing date of the Notice of Eviction. Once the marshal has safely transported the items of the tenant to a warehouse, the landlord must change the key pins or the entire locks of the premises. This is necessary for all Marshal Eviction Service.

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Are Landlords Required to Change Locks or Have Them Re-Keyed after an Eviction?

Well, you are not legally required to change the locks of your property. However, every Marshal Eviction Service will advise you landlord to rekey or replace all door locks in the house, apartment, or office rented by the tenant. This is a must to ensure the tenants can no longer get inside the premises.

Obviously, there are reasons for this. One of the biggest reason is that you don't have any idea if the evicted tenants have copies of your keys. Because of this, it is ideal to change the locks or rekey them in order for their keys to be rendered useless. This will help you protect your property and protect your future tenants.

If you don't change the locks of your property, you might end up with a lot of costly repairs. An angry tenant can come back to your property and destroy it. You don't want that to happen. That's why you should rely on Cypress Ave Locksmith for all your rekeying needs.

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