What is the Best Security for My Office?

A lot of businesses are at risk of intellectual property theft, criminal break-ins, and employee theft. As a professional office manager or a business owner, what can you do to ensure your workplace or office is as secure as it can be? Of course, you have to look for the best security.

Offices can contain a huge variety of valuable materials – from cash to legal documents, to computers. Aside from protecting the contents of your establishment from theft, having an efficient security policy can also lower the cost of your insurance premium.

Here are several office security tips to secure your workplace from external and internal threats. These tips can help you save on huge losses. 

Verified Alarm System

To ensure fast police response times to catch criminals in the act, you can install a verified alarm system. An alarm should be one of the first things to consider when you want to improve the security of your office. It is a huge deterrent to burglars. They can send emergency signals through an internet, landline, or phone connection to a monitoring station. Then, the station will dispatch police to the area when required. 

Install CCTV

While CCTV images are sometimes associated with solving crimes instead of avoiding them, they’re a huge preventive factor. However, CCTV must be viewed as only one element of the total security system for your establishments. Burglars can always keep out of camera shot or cover their faces. It is crucial to exactly know where to install the cameras and examine if you have sufficient lighting. It might be worth investing in the services of a professional locksmith company for help.

Keep Important Documents in Locked Cabinets

For your business, losing confidential documents can be catastrophic. It is crucial to keep any sensitive details locked in cabinets or drawers. You should also backup virtual copies to a hard drive.

What is the Best Security for My Office
Employee Access Control

You can install a managed access control system with keyless entry to restrict and track who goes in a particular room. You can monitor that person where and when he/she has been to. Also, this will enable you to easily disable access if an employee no longer works for your business or if he/she loses their card.

Use a Laptop Lock

During burglaries, laptops are often targeted by burglars. This is especially true if an opportunist sees an unsecured laptop. However, you can make it extremely complicated for burglars to steal your laptop by using a laptop lock. This type of lock acts as a bike lock. They’re extremely easy to fit and affordable. In addition to that, laptop locks should be considered by any company that has expensive laptops. 

If you are planning to improve the security of your business, don’t hesitate to give Cypress Ave Locksmith a call. We can help you improve the security of your business by upgrading or replacing your security systems. Contact us today for a free estimate.