Why You Need Spare Key For Your Car And Home And How To Hide Them?

Whenever your keys are stolen or lost or you find yourself locked out, it quickly becomes clear as to why it is vital to have a spare key in a hidden spot where only you’ll be able to access it when required. You will be happy that you’ve tucked away a spare key whenever your keys are locked inside or you can’t find your keys. 

You should hide a spare key in an area that isn’t obvious. You have likely heard of individuals who hide a spare key in a magnetic compartment on their car or under the welcome mat. Though hiding the spare is an excellent idea, it is extremely vital that you take care in how or where you hide them. You do not want a burglar simply look under your welcome mat and enter your house. 

The ideal area to keep a spare key is with a trusted family member, neighbor, or a friend who is willing to deliver you the key whenever you require it. If a relative, a close-by friend, or a neighbor isn’t an option, think of some creative ways and keep an extra key in these excellent spots:

Out of Sight on Your Car

Be sure that the car key is tucked away in a hidden place if you store it inside a magnetic box under the bumper. You can also tuck it away inside a box that requires a key or a combination to open. Also, if you’ve got a traditional car key, you can simply remove one of the screws of your license plate and hide your key behind the license plate. 

On Dog’s Collar or Underneath the Dog House

It’s certainly a deterrent if a thief has to possibly disturb a dog to get your key. Thus, it is an excellent idea to hide your key under the dog house. If you want a much safer spot, you can securely and discreetly attach your key directly to the collar of your dog.

Inside a Birdhouse

If you hide your key under your welcome mat, you are inviting the burglar to come inside your house. However, no one will suspect that the birdhouse has a hidden key inside to your front door.

Why You Need Spare Key For Your Car And Home And How To Hide Them?
Bury the Key

Look for a place in your yard where you can bury the key. Make sure it isn’t near the front door. You should place it first inside a small plastic bottle to ensure that the key doesn’t rust and that you can get it when required. Several excellent spots are inside a meter box, inside a dryer vent, or under the deck.

Tucked in Your Vinyl Siding of Your House

Using a string of fishing line, tie your key with it. Then, look for a certain place in your vinyl that isn’t obvious to passerby. To recover the key, just go to the place and pull the fishing line when it comes to using the spare key.